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As an Interior design and Renovation Firm, Lumica Interiors has been specializing in luxury, high quality, custom  designs since 2018. Lumica offers a wide range of Real Estate Related Services, stretching from Renovation, procurement of furnishings and fittings and interior design, thus providing its clients with a unique "all-in-one" approach to handling their projects.

Specializing in luxury projects, each endeavor is approached from preliminary conceptual planning to the final finishing touches. Lumica, approaches all of tis projects with a critical eye, aiming to maximize efficiency and to create value for its customers throughout each project's life cycle. 

We aim to inspire and captivate with visionary design, attention to textures, finishes and details that make each project exceptional and memorable.Our goal is to enhance the way in which people interact with the spaces they spend most of their time in.

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